The Office of Career Programs and Employer Relations runs a series of career development classes that prepare students to effectively engage with the professional world during and following their time at Dominican. This curriculum serves as a designated place for building experience and knowledge, then translating those opportunities into constructive career-building pursuits. Courses are taught by industry professionals with real-world experience that help our students succeed.

Please see a selected list of courses below:


DCDP 100: Launching Your Career

This course provides a structured opportunity for students to leverage their college experience as the first step in their professional development. Students strategically assess the many opportunities on campus, articulate their goals for while they are at Dominican, and connect college to post-graduation. This course offers a balanced approach to learning more about one’s self through reflection and through doing. One major assignment in this course includes an informational interview.

DCDP 200: Leveraging Your Strengths

In this course, students master Dominican’s S.T.A.R. approach to written and verbal business communication, including interviewing, resume writing, and job search-related communications. They also improve their networking and relationship-building skills. Additionally, students explore their skills, values, and interests to help solidify potential careers and obtain their internship. The course culminates with a mock interview event in which professionals interview students. Prerequisite(s):  DCDP 100: Launching Your Career or  DCDP 100: Waiver – Transfer Students

DCDP 300: Presenting Yourself Professionally

The emphasis in this course is on strong oral communication skills. Students strengthen these skills by mastering Aristotle’s three components of effective rhetorical speaking: ethos, logos, and pathos. In addition, students advance their job-search skills to include the targeting of specific employers and turning an internship into a full-time offer. Along with multiple opportunities to receive feedback on their oral communication skills, students deliver a professional presentation as part of their final. Prerequisite: DCDP 200: Leveraging Your Strengths

DCDP 400: Managing Your Career

This capstone career development course provides opportunities for students to take the final step in the career-readiness path they have travelled down to date. Topics include: negotiating job offers, understanding compensation and benefits, managing up and down, and navigating their careers in the long-term. The final project in this course includes developing and presenting an e-portfolio. Prerequisite: DCDP 300: Presenting Yourself Professionally