Dominican University is committed to participating in the creation of a more just and humane world by allowing students to pursue their own truth and give compassionate service. To help prepare students to do so, the university has developed inclusive on-campus, non-employment-based opportunities that seek to provide an experiential learning opportunity for all students.

You will sharpen your leadership and professional skills by completing a project of interest under the supervision of a faculty or staff mentor. You and a mentor of your choice will collaborate on the creation of a special project to advance your field and educational knowledge. Projects may involve presentations, research, interpersonal skill development, soft and hard skill development, as well as reflection activities and journals.     

This program will provide the tools and resources necessary for students to gain professional skills and leadership experience while on campus. This initiative will award students with a stipend each semester determined in collaboration with the coordinating site and nature of the project.

Defining NEBOs Non-Employment Based Opportunities (NEBO)

A Non-Employment Based Opportunity (NEBO) is an experiential learning opportunity that is inclusive to all students at the University.

 A NEBO must ensure that a student benefits from a project and an experience, rather than the sponsoring department. A student must design a project with the assistance of a NEBO mentor, establishing goals and stating proposed learning objectives.

Students are awarded with tuition assistance/ a scholarship or a stipend each semester determined in collaboration with the coordinating site and nature of the project. Per government regulations, students should be currently enrolled in a course while engaged in a NEBO.

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To apply for a NEBO, please send an email to eborsche@dom.edu.

Additional Resources for Undocumented Students

Dominican University is one of the most diverse private, four-year institutions in the state of Illinois, and one of the first universities in the country to publicly welcome and financially support students regardless of immigration and documentation status. Dominican University is a Sanctuary Campus and works hard to provide resources and support for undocumented students and families.

Applying for jobs or internships can be challenging for undocumented or DACAmented students. Below are some resources for pursuing a job or internship opportunity.


  • If you have DACA, you are legally authorized to work in the United States, and employers should not ask how you received your work permit.
  • If you need an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) visit the National Immigrant Law Center.
  • If you do not have DACA, you may pursue employer through entrepreneurship or work as an independent contractor (and use an Independent Taxpayer Identification Number which can be obtained regardless of immigration status).