How to nail the ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ part of the interview

Written by Christina Darby, Associate Editor at ZDNET

Job interviews can be some of the most consuming, stressful 45-60 minutes of your life. Just when you’ve successfully given your “tell me about yourself” pitch and answered your role-specific questions with grace, the power shifts to you when the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?”

I’ve often wondered if there was a definitive answer (or, in this case, question) for this. What queries are a productive use of both the interviewer’s and interviewee’s time? Is the invitation just a formality? And what questions should I avoid asking so I don’t give the interviewer a bad impression of me? 

I reached out to HR professionals to learn more about how to best handle this classic end-of-interview question, and now I present to you the five golden questions that you should ask any hiring manager and three that you may want to avoid.

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