Dominican University is committed to participating in the creation of a more just and humane world by allowing students to pursue their own truth and give compassionate service. To help prepare students to do so, the university has developed inclusive on-campus, non-employment-based opportunities that seek to provide an experiential learning opportunity for all students.

You will sharpen your leadership and professional skills by completing a project of interest under the supervision of a faculty or staff mentor. You will propose special projects that advance your educational and field knowledge and will be guided by a mentor of your choice. Projects will be working directly with Dominican faculty, staff, or students and may involve presentations, research, interpersonal skill development, soft and hard skill development, as well as reflection activities and journals.     

You will choose an opportunity in a department of interest in which you see fit to develop your professional skills, extend your knowledge, train in unfamiliar tasks, and grow in real-life situations beyond the classroom setting. Departments will invite students to explore and create independent projects based on student’s interest. This program will provide the tools and resources necessary for students to gain professional skills and leadership experience while on campus. This initiative will award students with a stipend each semester determined in collaboration with the coordinating site and nature of the project.

Non-Employment Based Opportunities (NEBO) Expectations

A non-employment-based opportunity must ensure that the student benefits from the project and experience, not the sponsoring department. The student must design the project with the assistance of their mentor, establishing goals and stating learning outcomes. 

Students participating in a non-employment based opportunity will be required to complete work in the following areas as assigned by their mentor.  


  • With the guidance of mentor, develop a semester-long project that is non-employment based. The non-employment-based project should be designed by the student in their area of interest.   
  • Students will provide assignments/artifacts to reflect on assigned project.  
  • Mentors provide resources to assist student with completion of the project.  


  • Students can engage in events and opportunities to build leadership skills (2 DU Leads, Certificate Program, Resolution, Conferences, etc.)   
  • Student can present their findings in a workshop or conference (GURSCI, Resolution, Caritas Veritas, etc.)    

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