8 Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

What’s the difference between an unproductive employee and a productive one? Often, it’s not their talent or work ethic but their time management skills. Time management is a soft skill that ensures you get your work done efficiently and effectively — …

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13 Careers in Humanities to Explore

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published January 3, 2020

Students who major in humanities often learn an array of skills that can make them suitable for many careers. Most of these careers involve working with people and using creative abilities to …

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What Becomes of Humanities Majors after College? A New Indicators Report Offers Clues

by American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Published November 8, 2021

How should one measure the value of a college degree? In a study released today, the Humanities Indicators gathers the most recent measures from the Gallup alumni survey and federal …

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