Job Shadowing Event Puts Students in the Workplace at Bosch Offices

A recent job shadowing event gave a group of students from Dominican University a behind-the-scenes look at automotive and engineering giant Bosch.

Nine students participated in the May 11 event, allowing them to spend time with Bosch employees, learn about their day-to-day tasks, sit in on business calls and hear from Dominican University alumni who were hired as full-time employees of the company following internships there.

The day was organized through the Brennan School of Business, which put out a call for interested students to apply.

The students were encouraged to maintain connections with the employees they met.

“I want them to learn the value of networking and why that’s so important in getting you to the top of the job pile,” said Lisa Malvin, assistant director of career programs and internships with Brennan School of Business.

By Lisa Malvin
Lisa Malvin Director of Career Curriculum & Employer Relations